Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tim Stewart's Overrun Costs

The media did blame Former Mayor Tim Stewart of the overrun cost for the police station but, were there hidden cost for his busway proposal in addition to the state grants??



Anonymous said...

What happens if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the bus companies and agrees that the state has absolutely no authority to run the busway?

...the busway covers the routes which are included in Dattco's and New Britain Transportation's certificates," Mirman said. Dattco's certificate covers the actual busway route to Hartford, he said, while New Britain Transportation has some "feeder" service to the busway from nearby towns, Mirman said.

"My view is that the [busway] route is covered by Dattco's certificate, and that Dattco has the exclusive right to operate the busway," Mirman said.

Anonymous said...

Good, if cheap ass Dattco wants to run it, SO BE IT, after they kick up the cost to build it.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this the same guy who supporting Boughton for Governor?

As I recall, didn't Boughton have all of 1% in the polls? Visconti had at least 7%.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Stewart and Zherka used to be joined at the hip?

Prosecutors say Zherka allegedly made off with more than $146 million in loans from three banks between 2005 and 2010 by lying on applications. He’s also charged with participating in a decade-long tax-fraud scheme, threatening a potential government witness in April 2012 and other crimes.

Anonymous said...

Frank- the busway is a state project- what does that have to do with Tim Stewart?

Anonymous said...

The media only reported what the dtc wanted printed. And you sound like them when you tie Tim to a state and federal project. Can't we all just get along ? Free James Brown !!! Hi Duffy

Anonymous said...

Is that guy Zerhka, the dude that New Britain Republicans were parading around town and City Hall, as if he was god? Did he buy The City Journal or he own it? Or is that just rumors?

Anonymous said...

Back in the fall of 2012, at the same Whinstone Tavern where CTPOA celebrated its short-lived “PAC”, Sam Zherka, charged last month with witness tampering and multiple fraud charges amounting to more than $150 million, told his CTPOA audience that a group of “seven landlords” had already raised $100,000 to “wipe out” Mayor Tim O’Brien and Common Council Democrats in the next election. Former Mayor Tim Stewart warmly introduced Zherka at that meeting, saying Zherka “is the driving force behind the steering committee to fight this issue” after which Zherka announced a $100,000 fund against Democratic elected officials.

All of which brings us back to the question: what did the CTPOA PAC do and when did it do it? Aside from a pre-election, full-page ad in the New Britain City Journal for which no expenses were reported, the CTPOA PAC, according to SEEC reports, opened and shut without doing much of anything.

Instead, the out-of-town landlord group and the Stewart campaign, both with “plausible deniability”, hitched their wagons to Sam Zherka, the New Britain City Journal and a model of political mayhem imported from Zherka’s Westchester Guardian newspaper in New York to reach their goals and attain public office.

Questions will continue to linger on the assault on civility and democracy in New Britain last year (NB POLITICUS, OCT 2014).

Anonymous said...

Pisttttt hey John Mc, you're a joke

Anonymous said...

Alderman: Conn. mayor threatened violence
June 30, 2010

NEW BRITAIN, Conn.—A Connecticut city alderman is alleging that New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart threatened to shoot him during a contentious budget meeting two weeks ago.

The Herald of New Britain reports that Alderman Phil Sherwood filed a complaint with city police on June 21, a week after the meeting during which the Common Council approved a budget and Stewart vetoed several items.

Stewart told the newspaper he did say council members should be shot for threatening to raise local taxes too much, but denied it was meant as an actual threat...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Phil Sherwood, The little boy that cried wolf !!!!!!!!! Phil never told the truth once in his life I'd bet. Even the NBPD said he was a liar.

Anonymous said...

Stewart also has a reputation for being profane, and now it’s been documented. A recording of the mayor was posted on YouTube October 23. The taped call was made during a heavy rainstorm in October 2005 to a dispatcher. Mayor Stewart is recorded as telling the dispatcher that he got a call from an irate woman who demanded that he take action to prevent further flooding in her neighborhood. The mayor refers to her as a “b!tch.” He also uses profanity when referring to fire fighters and other city workers during the call. President Preece says that in the recorded call, Mayor Stewart calls fire fighters “@$#holes” (

Anonymous said...

Why are we picking on Tim Stewart? Everyone has some warts. I like him.

Anonymous said...

I see whats going on, The Dem's think if you attack Tim Stewart, it hurts Erin. BECAUSE they connect (apeman)Don DeFronzo, to being the motion behind Dave DeFronzo, the ego drivin, little man complex 3 rd grade gym teacher. Lets face it, how else could he fo from a town zero to a high vote getter for council (after being appointed to council, not elected on for his first term)

Anonymous said...

I don't even know Erin. Even though my property taxes went up, I knew that she had to do it with courage. We need truth in public office.

Anonymous said...

What do you need to be a gym teacher besides a pair of sweats and a rusty whistle?

Anonymous said...

The Dem's think if you attack Tim Stewart, it hurts Erin.


Anonymous said...

Don Defronzo ran away from serving in the military all the way to Canada, I guess Dave is a skirt like his dad too. But isnt Don Defronzo raping the taxes payers for $200,000 plus a year ? Big man with little honor. Nice to see he can use others to pay his way.He was a failure as Mayor and Senator, but great at making you all fouls. God Bless the Democrat way of life. Right Donny Boy ? Look at all you did for Rick L, are you two still a couple ? Oops did I say that out loud ?

Anonymous said...

A letter that was published in the Courant in 2002 tells the entire story of Mr. DeFronzo's refusal to serve his country:

May 07, 2002

Veterans Should

Vote In Primary

I am writing to remind all veterans of how important this upcoming Democratic primary election (New Britain-Berlin) is regarding veterans' issues and support of veteran affairs.

The Democrats have two individuals running for the office of state senator and I believe their military background is very important to all veterans and military personnel both state and federal.

Tom Bozek has served his military obligation and as state senator has supported all state veterans' issues. Meanwhile, we have Don DeFronzo who, at the time of induction, conveniently became a conscientious objector to avoid his military obligation.

Now I ask the question of anybody who served his or her country, who do you want to represent you? Bozek gets in the trenches, DeFronzo watches from the sidewalk while grandparents, mothers and fathers wave goodbye to their children going to fight the war against terrorism.

The answer is clear and I do not mean to deface anybody; the military must remain strong and all veterans and military personnel are faced with the decision to vote for the right person in the Democratic primary on May 21. This is our obligation. This is what we fought for.

Dominic DeMarco, Kensington

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