Saturday, June 11, 2011

Minority leader speaks out on The Attorney General's Interference with City Affairs

My second comment on this issue:

Only three members of The Common Council - all Democrats - voted against the SGC zone change at the Council's P,Z & H subcommittee on 6/7/11. The three were, Dave DeFronzo, Mike Trueworthy and Eva Magnuszewski. It is my opinion that one of these three, one with political connections in Hartford, either called or wrote to the A.G.'s office to ask for an investigation into the SGC zone change issue. That's the only issue about the SGC proposal from Costco that has had Council input thus far. No puchase and sale agreement, etc.

Questions for the AG: what, in the name of all that is within the AG's purvue and in the realm of AG functions does your office have to do with a Municipal Zone Change issue that has yet to be finalized?, and, who made the request for you to get involved? (Of course, I think I know the answer already?) If my thinking turns out to be correct and this proposal is stifled, it will be yet another example of obstructionism by NB Council Democrats in the same vein as the losing $15 Million here, four million or five million there and a sale of excess NB watershed property to Tilcon a few years ago; this sale was squashed in the state legislature by Don DeFronzo and Tim O'Brien. Losing $!5 here, $4 or $5 million there in property sales revenue means nothing to these folks as long as their election votes are secured. HOW DO THE CITIZEN TAXPAYERS OF NB FEEL ABOUT THEIR TAXES AND MILL RATE NOW?

Only a couple of steps in the "process" have been completed. WHAT WILL THE AG FIND OUT? When Alix Stanley "gave the land to NB, there was no golf course, no A.W.Stanley Park, no swimming pool no ball fields or anything else. The City, with a little help of the then, WPA, built most of these things. Do we have deeds for these? What documents are requested that mean anything?


Anonymous said...

Just another example of obstructionist Democrats doing everything in their power to block a evil rich corporation from making money.

If these zealots had their way, every single resident of New Britain would live solely off the government. There would be no jobs, no evil rich corporations, just government to run your entire life from the day you are born until the day you are buried in that big community government grave.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it is the one who is related to the former mayor that refused to serve his country like a good little commie???

lou Salvio said...


Made a huge omission in my second paragraph; it should have read, " Losing $!5M here, $4M or $5 million there.....

My apologies.

Anonymous said...

OMG Lou, you are embarrassing yourself. Calm down, chill out and let the democratic process be adhered to. Nothing wrong with with the AG checking things out regarding the the grantor's trust.

Who cares who sent the letter to Jepsen. It could be a number of people that are concerned. If everything checks out, things move ahead. From what the mayor says, there is nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...


Sec. 3-125. Duties of Attorney General; deputy; assistants; associate attorneys general. The Attorney General shall appoint a deputy, who shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of his duties and shall perform all the duties of the Attorney General in case of his sickness or absence. He shall appoint such other assistants as he deems necessary, subject to the approval of the Governor. The Attorney General may also appoint not more than four associate attorneys general who will serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General and will be exempt from the classified service. The Attorney General shall have general supervision over all legal matters in which the state is an interested party, except those legal matters over which prosecuting officers have direction. He shall appear for the state, the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Comptroller, and for all heads of departments and state boards, commissioners, agents, inspectors, committees, auditors, chemists, directors, harbor masters, and institutions and for the State Librarian in all suits and other civil proceedings, except upon criminal recognizances and bail bonds, in which the state is a party or is interested, or in which the official acts and doings of said officers are called in question, and for all members of the state House of Representatives and the state Senate in all suits and other civil proceedings brought against them involving their official acts and doings in the discharge of their duties as legislators, in any court or other tribunal, as the duties of his office require; and all such suits shall be conducted by him or under his direction. When any measure affecting the State Treasury is pending before any committee of the General Assembly, such committee shall give him reasonable notice of the pendency of such measure, and he shall appear and take such action as he deems to be for the best interests of the state, and he shall represent the public interest in the protection of any gifts, legacies or devises intended for public or charitable purposes. All legal services required by such officers and boards in matters relating to their official duties shall be performed by the Attorney General or under his direction. All writs, summonses or other processes served upon such officers and legislators shall, forthwith, be transmitted by them to the Attorney General. All suits or other proceedings by such officers shall be brought by the Attorney General or under his direction. He shall, when required by either house of the General Assembly or when requested by the president pro tempore of the Senate, the speaker of the House of Representatives, or the majority leader or the minority leader of the Senate or House of Representatives, give his opinion upon questions of law submitted to him by either of said houses or any of said leaders. He shall advise or give his opinion to the head of any executive department or any state board or commission upon any question of law submitted to him. He may procure such assistance as he may require. Whenever a trustee, under the provisions of any charitable trust described in section 45a-514, is required by statute to give a bond for the performance of his duties as trustee, the Attorney General may cause a petition to be lodged with the probate court of the district in which such trust property is situated, or where any of the trustees reside, for the fixing, accepting and approving of a bond to the state, conditioned for the proper discharge of the duties of such trust, which bond shall be filed in the office of such probate court. The Attorney General shall prepare a topical and chronological cross-index of all legal opinions issued by the office of the Attorney General and shall, from time to time, update the same.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the mayor needs to ask the city attorney to sue the attorney general for abuse of his statutory authority since he has ZERO authority over a town or city?

Anonymous said...

Are these the same political mobsters who forced WalMart out of town? It's a wonder Costco wants to do business here after that ridiculous fiasco!

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