Thursday, August 22, 2013

Danbury mayor a longshot for governor, but he's a credible, deserving candidate - NewsTimes


Anonymous said...

I see little difference between McKinney and Boughton. Boughton has made statements that he supports gun hater McKinney's gun grabbing bill.

When will we finally get a candidate who supports the Constitutions of Connecticut and the United States?

Until we do, the GOP is simply handing Malloy 4 more years on a silver platter, but I am doubtful that the lame GOP leadership here in Connecticut will wake up and realize they need a candidate who actually supports the Constitutions.

They keep running Democrat like Republicans and they keep losing. Haven't you learned anything from John McCain?

Anonymous said...

Boughton will prove to be just another Republican who can't win without the support of legal gun owners.

For those candidates who think of the opposition as a bunch of gun nuts to be ignored, maybe you should listen for a minute to what your former state chairman, Chris Healy had to say on the subject:

"But there are two larger numbers that every Democrat should fear – 200,000 the total number of gun permits statewide and 8,619 – the number of card carrying members of the CCDL, 390 alone over the last two weeks."

Even though Mr. Healy was talking about Democrats, this same concern should resonate with any Republican that would align himself with a gun hater like McKinney.

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