Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candidate Speaks out of the Horrors of the O'Brien Admimistration


It’s Municipal Election time in New Britain; the two daily newspapers are definitely ideologically and heavily bent toward the left, the liberal cause. Those of us that wish to read articles that are skewed more toward conservative views on issues or middle of the road views need to read authors such as Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer of Manchester.

Mayor O'Brien's tenure has been described by the two locals as something only a bit short of wonderful while they cite the “so called” accomplishments of this hopeless twit.

O’Brien claims he’s saved so much money by doing such things as consolidating departments while at the same time touting his successes in creating jobs, purely a fairy tale type lie.  To date there has been no accounting of how much money was saved. The only jobs that have been created have gone to cronies like Brigitte Brown, Phil Sherwood, Dave Pudlin, Roy Occhiogrosso’s firm, Matt Dabrowski and Francisco Cuin (both being paid by HRA whose taxes O’Brien waived), Sherwood’s replacement, Fernando (?) Marroquin, and an Executive Aide from Berlin, etc. Now, rumor has it that the wife of Tax Collector candidate, Greg Gerratana has been “given” the job of Common Council Secretary. The Committee that selected her (not unanimously) included Gerratana’s aunt Alderwoman Suzanne Bielinski and Alderman Michael Trueworthy. The last time Trueworthy and Bielinski hired a person to be a Council Auditor the person had to be let go for fudging time sheets and costing the City 

$ thousands. Conflict of interest, you decide. Does anyone see any savings here or jobs created that benefitted New Britain citizens? Give yourself a gold star if you answered no.

Now, how about the benefits of consolidation; I have had occasion recently to talk with many representatives of City departments regarding different issues.  All say the same thing, to wit, it has become increasingly difficult to attack problems in the City such as blight, police functions, public works issues and the proper functioning of other departments as a result of staff reductions brought about by consolidation. I don’t call that promoting the General Welfare, I call it ineptness, incompetence, lack of leadership qualities, lack of innate intelligence, without proper education and political ambition, fueled by cronyism and corrupt practices and without compassion for the citizens of New Britain. The O’Brien Administration is a “train wreck.”

Your vote for Erin Stewart and her team on November 5th go a long way toward a return to honesty in government in New Britain. Vote Team Stewart - Row A.

Lou Salvio

New Britain

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Charles Krauttheimmer described a liberal as someone who doesn't care what you do so long as it is mandatory.

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