Friday, August 15, 2014

Statement of Alderman Naples to Common Council, August 13, 2014

Statement of Alderman Naples to Common Council, August 13, 2014


Your Honor and Council Members:


I rise to advise you of a pending action regarding a matter of significant importance to the Council.  I’m referring to the status of Alderman Trueworthy as a member of this Council.


Those who know me know that I am not a partisan person and am not a good politician, as I often speak my mind without considering the political implications of my statements.  When we learned of the unfortunate events of July 22nd, a number of us on the Council from both sides of the aisle called for Alderman Trueworthy to resign, not just as Mayor Pro Tempore, but as a Councilman as well.  Mr. Trueworthy has resigned as Mayor Pro Tem and he remains on the Council.


There has been mixed reaction from the people we serve, namely the residents of New Britain and employees of the City.  Some, recognizing that alcoholism is a disease, believe that Alderman Trueworthy should be given a chance to redeem himself and he should remain on the Council while doing that.  Others feel that his actions were so serious that he should not be allowed to remain on the Council.


After several days of weighing the pros and cons of this issue, I must side – reluctantly – with those who are calling for Alderman Trueworthy’s removal from the Council as soon as possible.  Two factors rise above all other considerations:  1) Primary emphasis should be placed on the conduct rather than the person, and 2) Elected officials are presumed to have a higher behavioral standard than those who are not in public office.


In this case, Alderman Trueworthy’s conduct reflected extremely poorly on himself, the Common Council and the City of New Britain.   Section 4-10 of the New Britain City Charter lists several reasons for removal of an elected official from the Common Council, including incapacity and malfeasance in office.  If Mr. Trueworthy’s actions on July 22nd didn’t cross the line of incapacity and malfeasance, I have to ask what would?  I believe this is a first for New Britain, and not a desirable one.  Because of conduct like this, people lose faith in the political system and their government.  How do we explain to the public that an elected official does something like that and keeps his job?


I present this statement now, to give Alderman Trueworthy a chance to step down on his own.  I believe this gives him the best chance for recovery and avoids a formal removal hearing, which would expose him and the City to further embarrassment.


Thank you.



Anonymous said...

What happened to the Democrats supposedly being the party of inclusion? How can such values be represented by a misogynistic gay basher?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor might have spared Alderman Naples and her fellow Republicans this unwanted task had she chose to press charges against Alderman Trueworthy instead of releasing him into the custody of his two Democratic misfit cohorts.

Acknowledging her mistake may serve to alleviate some of the partisan controversy thus taking some pressure off of them.

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